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Keeping your commercial refrigerator in good condition is essential to protecting the food you serve. Not only does a refrigerator problem pose a potential threat to the contents inside, but it can also be a costly problem if you lose inventory because of an inconsistent temperature.

When you are running a business, a commercial refrigeration issue can be costing you money by the minute! It’s important to work with a reliable and experienced team such as Integrity Air. When you contact our expert technicians, we respond fast and get your refrigerator back in working order again.

Essential cold storage protection for the food you serve

Commercial Refrigeration

Common Services for Commercial Refrigeration

How do you know when it is time to call for maintenance or repair work for your commercial fridge? Here are some of the most common reasons businesses contact us for services:

  • Fridge Isn’t Working: The most obvious sign that you need to call a technician is because the commercial refrigerator stopped working. Either the system isn’t cooling at all, or you suspect that it isn’t maintaining the right temperature. Before you jump to conclusions about replacing the equipment, it’s worth a call to our team to see if we can identify the problem. Sometimes, it is as simple as replacing the thermostat.

  • Leaking Water: If water is leaking out of the fridge, then it is a sign that you need to call us right away. The cause of the leak could be anything from a plugged drain to a worn gasket. We will diagnose the issue and provide immediate services to fix the problem.

Have you noticed that fluid is collecting inside the fridge? It could be a sign that the door seals are damaged or failing. If there are issues with the door seals, then it could have a negative impact on the temperature inside. We can assist with the repair or replacement of door seals if needed.

Fluid Accumulation:

Grocery store with a refrigerated section for cold drinks

A little bit of frost in the freezer happens from time to time, but excess frost could be a sign that there is a problem with the defrost function. We’ll look at the evaporator fan motor and any other parts that could be contributing to the problem.

Freeze Frost:

Grocery store with a refrigerated section for cold drinks

Our team is working hard to provide a full-service experience for our customers. Not only do we offer commercial refrigeration repair, maintenance, and installation, but we are also experienced with HVAC services. If you would like more information about these quality services, we invite you to contact us at Integrity Air Heating & Cooling Specialist. Call for a consultation with an industry expert: (951) 306-9061.

Local Services for Your Commercial Refrigerator

Keep your products at their best and your business thriving with our dedicated refrigeration services

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