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5 DIY HVAC Maintenance Tips

As the seasons change, so does the demand on your HVAC system. Whether you're gearing up for summer or winter, a little DIY maintenance can go a long way in ensuring your system runs smoothly, efficiently, and economically. These tips can not only enhance your home's comfort but can also extend the lifespan of your HVAC system!

Run your HVAC System at Least Once a Month

Run your HVAC system for 10-15 minutes monthly if you can. Your condenser fan motor is internally lubricated and being in its off position all winter can cause it to seize. Running it regularly helps keep all components moving and ready for summer.

Running your heater also helps burn off any dust that accumulates on it so when winter arrives, we are not dealing with horrible allergies from the excess lint and dust burning off the heater.

Change Your Filter

The filter serves two purposes; it helps clean the air (the MERV rating on the filter determines how well it does clean), and it protects the air conditioner from getting dirty which can result in catastrophic damage.

Change the Batteries on Your Thermostat

Putting in a fresh battery yearly will help your thermostat accurately sense temperatures and properly operate. I highly recommend getting a common powered thermostat that is hard-wired which will be much more efficient and work a lot better.

Clean Your Outdoor Air Conditioner

Even if it doesn’t look too dirty, there can be a very thin layer of dust which will cause the unit to be less efficient and can also lead to damage.

Visually Inspect Your HVAC Equipment

You may be able to see something that doesn’t look right, and have a professional repair it before worse damage may happen. Frayed wires at the outdoor unit, a gas smell near appliance, a missing filter, etc. are some things to keep an eye out for.

You should perform these preventative maintenance tips yearly. It is always best to have a professional perform a proper maintenance which they should perform a variety of services which I can go over with you if you have any questions.

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